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A greenhouse is not a big house painted green but rather a greenhouse (likewise called a glasshouse, or, if with adequate warming, a nursery) is a structure with dividers and rooftop made mainly of straightforward material, for example, glass, in which plants requiring controlled climatic conditions are grown. These structures extend in size from little sheds to modern estimated structures. A scaled down nursery is known as an icy casing. The inside of a greenhouse presented to daylight turns out to be essentially hotter than the outer encompassing temperature, securing its substance in frosty climate.

Greenhouse can be partitioned into glass  and plastic Greenhouse.

The explanation given in most sources for the warmer temperature in a greenhouse is that incident solar radiation passes through the glass roof and walls and is absorbed by the floor, earth,…
The possibility of using carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouse cultivation to enhance plant growth has been known for nearly 100 years. After the development of equipment for the controlled serial enrichment of…
Ventilation is one of the most important components in a successful greenhouse, specially in hot and humid tropical climate condition. If there is no proper ventilation, greenhouses and their growing plants can…
Heating or electricity is one of the most considerable costs in the operation of greenhouses across the globe, especially in colder climates. The main problem with heating a greenhouse as opposed to a…

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